Joost Nauta

  • Entrepreneur who leads a certified care company, called Joost Zorgt BV. This is a developing model of care, specialized in long term care, that is distributed through a franchise to healthcare professionals in the Netherlands and even on the island of Curacao.
  • He is the founder and chairman of the Bordercross Foundation, an organization which applies mental training techniques, developed for professional athletes, in pedriatics.
  • With all this experience and humor he inspires and motivates professionals, entrepreneurs and customers in both profit and non-profit sector. Joost gives lectures, workshops and personal coaching.
  • He started life in 1971 with little perpective. He was raised with the idea he would not get older than five years. Because of a severe physical disability and a difficult situation at home, he lived in various boarding schools orphanages from his 3rd untill his 21st year.
  • It was in these places that Joost came into contact with crime and drugs. Although all circumstances seemed to be in his disadvantage, he was able to succesfully follow regular education and after that a study for social work.
  • Even with the physicial discomfort Joost experiences and the restrictions that prevent him from leading a 'normal' life and career, Joost remained positive during his search for solutions, opportunities and succes. All this he does with the help of an advanced wheelchair, an adapted live- and work environment and a personal assistant.
  • Joost tries to maximize his personal, professional and social life using the options at his disposal.

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