"Goal oriented and choose the right time"


Your organization needs a peptalk.

Based on his own life story Joost Nauta tells where he gets his inspriation. He motivates others to get more from their life and work. He also shows how these people can inspire others.


Your employees lack the motivation they need for their work.

Joost Nauta tells how he 'programmes' himself to overcome obstacles. He shows how he is able to think outside the box and how far it has brought him in life and business. With exercises and interaction he teaches the participants what it takes to make dreams come true. (groups up to 30 people)

Individual Coaching

Your work / life balance is disrupted

An outsider can be a good sparring partner. Joost Nauta has a creative approach to problems. He offers a new perspective with humor and a fresh look at the situation. This creates space to get more out of your life.

The target price for lectures and workshops is 1.750,- euro per session, excluding VAT. Prices for individual coaching can be made by arrangement.