"Perfom in difficult circumstances"

Marc Borghans, ING

"Joost Nauta himself has experienced what it is like to turn limitations into opportunities. This makes him different from other trainers. His story is sympathetic and he tells it with humor. What he has achieved is admirable."

As a part of a merger Developmind gave a workshop to the managers of ING.

Renée van Tulder, Tax Authorities

"Everyone has his own limitations, the difference with Joost Nautas limitations is that they are extra visible. If you focus on your constraints, your goals will automatically disappear. But if you focus on your goals, your restrictions will disappear. Joost Nauta embodies this switch."

Developmind gave a lecture to executives from the Tax Authorities.

Lucy Boonekamp, Erasmus University Rotterdam

"See your possibilities, that's the title of the workshop Joost Nauta is going to give at our organization. He is able - even with all his ristrictions - to start and run a succesfull company. If he can do this he must be able to inspire the visitors at our Congress."

Developmind will give a workshop at the conference 'Courage and love in care - to inspire and perform in practice' of the Erasmus University

Sergio van der Pluijm, trainer Salvation Army

People often think that their unemployment is due to causes outside themselves. Wrongly, it appears from the unorthodox approach and inspiring life story of Joost. He made clear that no restriction should prevent you from creating opportunities and making your own contribution to this world.

Developmind had repeatedly contributed to the motivational training of the Salvation Army.